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Why one should go for PhD in GIS and Remote Sensing in India?

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Passion for Research:

Many students have a passion for research right from the beginning of their PG (MSc/MTech), so
 these students want to continue their passion and start looking for best universities to do Ph.D. i
n India where they can get maximum exposure and research facilities for research. 
Most of them first try for IITs and if unable to secure seat then go for Central and other
 reputed government or private institution.

No Other Option but go for Ph.D.:

After passing out of college without a job offer in hand, many students don’t want to run post and
 pillar for job hunting and enter the corporate world. Many students try all for jobs but did
 not get good jobs as per their desire and requirement. All these lead many individuals to go forward 
and study research and Ph.D. in India.

It’s better to earn 25k stipend than start GIS career with 10-12k jobs:

GIS career starts with low salary than IT in India if you have not got placement from your college. 
Seeking off-campus job is tough and generally start with low salary say 10-15k. 
Many students started getting frustrated with this and start thinking this will how their life be.
 They will not be able to get handsome salary jobs and starts preparing for NET and Ph.D. 
and thinks at least we will be getting 25k for 3-4 years and after further also our career will be more options. 
So, many students after spending 6-10 months in a job they have secured after off-campus placement
 start preparing for Ph.D. exams or lectureship.

Faculty Job is a good option after Ph.D.

 Recent years has witnessed many students as well people after doing corporate jobs after 2-3 years 
leaving and joining Ph.D. programs. Faculty job profile provides respect, opportunity to do
 things in your way and less work pressure as in corporate jobs. These things attract many 
students as well as corporate peole to pursue faculty and  research as a career option.

Increase in Salary for faculties in Government   Universities:

 With the recent revision in salaries of the faculty, many students have started seeking faculty 
as their career which was not the trend say last 5 years back. Recent trends show many students 
who have the patience to study and complete Ph.D. look forward to faculty as their career path.


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