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Want to know When Satellite will pass over your sky ?

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Many of you must have watched ” Parmanu “ the Hindi movie showcasing India’s secret nuclear bomb testing at Pokhran hiding and camouflaging from US satellites.

The Indian scientist knew the exact time when the American satellites will pass over the sky of Pokhran.

Many of you might be thinking how Indian scientist knew the US satellites exact timing when it will pass over Pokhran sky.

Don’t be surprised to know?

Even you can know when the American satellites will pass over your sky or the place currently your are living.

Not only you can know the date and time of the satellite when it has passed but also next time it will pass over the sky.

Moreover, you can download the satellite imagery of the place when the satellite has passed.

Who is giving this information? Many of you might be thinking about NASA? Is it NASA?

But No !!

US-based company SPECTATOR -“YOUR ORBITAL EARTH CAMERA” provides information about US satellites like Sentinel 2A, Sentinel 2B, Landsat8.


You can just and search the place and you can get the satellite information.






SO don’t be surprised to see the rocket in your sky the next time when satellites pass over your sky.

Cheers !!

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