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The reality capture, a New born in GIS Industry:

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It is an undeniable excitement as the GIS industry is quite dynamic and I always surprised by the potentiality of Geographical Information science in a timely manner. For the last two decades with technological evolution, it was a paradigm shift in the GIS industry by maps becoming increasingly dynamic with more inputs from people, sensors and the latest laser technologies. The Geographical Information industry is already a cutting edge technology has moved fast from VGI to augmented reality to 3D mapping or Reality Capture.

At the start, GIS cataloged and mapped what was where. After a few years’ digitizations and collection of spatial Data or conversion of Data. Today’s GIS-powered smart maps provide dynamic displays of information, create ecosystems for interactions, aid real-time awareness and help plan and create the future by capturing reality through different technologies. I still believe that we have never got a chance to use the full potential of GIS and we should expect that it might happen in near future.

What is Reality Capture:

Reality capture is a scan of a place or simply a building site to detect challenges and site conditions that could affect your project. Using reality capture technology, you can create a 3D model of your site, and manipulate it to see how various factors might affect the structure of your plan of a place or a facility.

Image source: Auto desk

Why Reality Capture:

Newer facilities should have accurately built-in conditions, but often even they lack the required quality, usually a result of the information not reflecting updated design changes during the process. Moreover, the effort required to establish an accurate existing condition can be a major problem for technologists, designers, contractors, and even owners. Everyone involved in the project can gain from the accuracy and knowledge provided by laser scanning. What’s more, the technology is evolving, making reality capture accessible to all. 

Reality capture is the future:

Construction industry being least digitized among other industries, the scope and the growth of reality capture is a lot to do. However, fields like architecture, engineering, and construction are always evolving. So, what technology and digital platforms are allowing us to do is probably do more than we had previously done. So, the industry needs to gear up and adopt the technologies as soon as possible.

Contributed by : Ashok Peddi

The Juggernaut,

Co-Founder and GIS Instructor, Geospatial Training India,

About Ashok : I am a hardcore GIS lover, teacher amateur runner, and a bicycle enthusiast. I am an Erasmus Mundus Visiting Researcher for the 2011 and visited ISEGI, University of New Lisbon, Lisbon, Portugal. I over a decade year of experience dealing with different projects in Applications of GIS and Remote Sensing along with 3 years of Research & Development experience.

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