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How Similar and different are Shape File and Geodatabase ?

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How Similar and different are Shape File and Geodatabase?

The question which is asked in many interviews for job seekers seeking jobs in GIS industry and students in Viva .

The two words look like synonyms but have very different meaning we go deeper and study.

Shapefile: How it looks like? It looks different in arc catalog and different in the folder in which it is stored.

Source : https://blogs.library.duke.edu/data/2015/09/14/shapefiles-vs-geodatabases/

Geo database : The figure below illustrates how geo database looks like in arc catalog . It comprises of feature data sets and which further comprises of feature class.

Source : https://blogs.library.duke.edu/data/2015/09/14/shapefiles-vs-geodatabases/

Lets try to find out how exactly shapefile and geodatabase are different and how much similarities they are having . The figure below illustrates the difference between shape file and geo database.



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Ms Neha Birje |Email: nehab1204@rediffmail.com

An avid geographer with deep interest for GIS technology, loves writing and exploring anything related to “Geo” and loves making maps.



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