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A GIS application in rural development is thought to comprise of all information of rural areas in a comprehensive manner, present, past and probable future scenarios, for empowering people at local level through planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of rural development projects. GIS will be an affordable tool in the e-governance, it would also be possible to implement G-Governance (GIS Governance) at all levels, anytime, anyplace, making information flow and decision making a real time dynamic process ensuring total participation and involvement of local people. The Post Graduate Diploma in Geospatial Technology Applications in Rural Development (PGD-GARD) Programme is designed for Development Functionaries from all sectors directly concerned with planning and implementation of Projects and Programmes for Rural Development viz. Sectoral Activities like Education, Health, Forestry, Agriculture, Engineering, Roads, Infrastructure, ICT, Irrigation, Drinking Water, Disaster Management, Planning, Monitoring, Fishing, Animal Husbandry and the like. The officials working in India and Overseas as Managers of Rural Development Programmes/ Projects Finance by World Bank, UNDP, FAO, IFAD and various other International organizations. The One year Post Graduate Diploma Programme in Geospatial Technology Applications in Rural Development (PGD-GARD) in Distance Mode is being offered by NIRD and PR commencing from August 2015.



Post Graduate Diploma in Geospatial Technology Applications in Rural Development(PGDGARD)-    1 year Course ( 2 Semesters) 


Course Structure and Syllabus

The Programme will be offered in two semesters and have 34 credits. First semester has 18 credits and second semester has 16 credits. One credit is equal to 30 hours of study. The learning material for each course has been divided into Blocks and each block will have a number of units. For each course of four credits, a student is required to spend 120 hours for self learning including assignment (30 marks). There will be contact and handholding Sessions at contact centre, which will be conducted by CGARD Faculty and well known experts and will be followed by final examination (70 marks). Each of the Courses and the Project Work will be evaluated for 100 marks.

1st Semester

  1. GARD-501 :Geographic Information System
  2. GARD-502 :Satellite Remote Sensing-I
  3. GARD-503 :Global Positioning System
  4. GARD-504 Rural Development: Concepts, Practice, Policies & Programmes
  5. GARD-505 Project Planning and Management
  6. GARD-506 GIS Application in Rural Development and LAB Practice

2nd Semester

  1. GARD-507: Satellite Remote Sensing –II
  2. GARD-508: Spatial Data Analysis and Modeling
  3. GARD-509: Spatial Decision Support System for Rural Development
  4. GARD-513: Project

Elective (One to be Taken)

  1. GARD-510: Rural Infrastructure Management
  2. GARD-511: Natural Resource Management
  3. GARD-512: Disaster Management

Scheme of Evaluation

The evaluation system is designed to assess the student’s progress systematically though internal assessment as well as semester – end examinations. Following evaluations will be made for each course offered.

Theory courses

Assignments : 30 Marks

Semester-end final exam : 70 Marks

Total 100 Marks

Major Project

Dissertation : 70 Marks

Comprehensive Viva Voce : 30 Marks

Total 100 Marks


Admitted students will deposit Rs 12,000/-(Rs 10,000/- for SC /ST /PH) in two equal installments at the commencement of each Semester. The Sponsoring Organisations, however, have to deposit full fee at the time of registration of their candidate(s). Fee once paid will not be returned under any circumstances.

Fee for NRIs/Foreign Students: US $ 800

Contact Details

Programme Director,

Distance Education Cell,

National Institute of Rural Development and Panchayati Raj,


Hyderabad – 500 030 (India).

Tele Fax:040-24008585,


Website :

Programme Coordinator, PGD-GARD,

Prof. & Head, CGARD

National Institute of Rural Development and Panchayati Raj,


Hyderabad – 500 030 (India).

Tele Fax:040- 24008447,




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