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Geoinformatics Field is not for me !!! What Next career options are for me ?

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What is the top 5 Non GIS  career option for students graduated with GIS degree?

Many students from different educational background join GIS course but in due course of time don’t find the field interesting and also since growth in this industry takes time. Many students get disheartened and start feeling low and start thinking they have wasted their 2 years of PG course studying this course.

GIS is a multidisciplinary field, students from varied background enter this field and join courses. The background from which students mainly joins the course are as follows :

Engineering Background – Mainly Civil, Environmental, ECE /EEE and Computer Science and Engineering.

Geology: After doing graduation geology and mainly also after doing MSc Geology.

Geography – After doing graduation in BA/ or BSc Geography

Since the expectation of salary of engineering backgrounds are high since they have heavily invested in their bachelor’s degree and when the GIS industry fails to full fill their expectations they get disheartened.

But you should not feel low and get disheartened, we have seen many studies who have excelled in their career who have been in this situation.

Here are 5 options for you to move in after your GIS Course  

 Business Development and Sales:  Those guys who are not interested in technical stuff may move to an area of Business development and sales. There are many GIS companies which offer profiles like Business Development and Sales for freshers, it would be good for work initially if they get chance in such profiles. Since the profiles require technical knowledge of GIS so they would be preferred as compared to other candidates.

 Switch to IT:  GIS is blended of Information Technology (IT) and  Spatial science.  During the course, students also learn basic programming skills as part of their course. So, students especially with BSc IT/BCA/MCA/ BTech (IT/CS) after course one can also look forward options in the IT sector.

 Go for Higher Studies:  There are various options one can go for higher studies is not in GIS field

Those students with BCA/BA/BSc background and even BTech can opt for going to do MBA course after taking a few years of experience in the GIS field.

Students with Engineering background interested in research and studies can opt for going for Ph.D. Course in their respective field. Ph.D. Degree careers have also emerged as one of the great prospective careers now since the government is providing a handsome salary to faculty in colleges and universities.

 Switch to their Background Insutry:  As discussed, students join GIS course from diverse background like Engineering, Geology, Geography etc. So, after spending some time, if the students feel the GIS industry is not their piece of cake. They can always move to their background domain field.

For Example :

Civil Engineers: Have moved to their own core domain like to transportation engineering or site engineering etc which are not very niche field.

Geography: Many students from geography background have cleared NET and joined faculty positions in schools and colleges.

Geology students have moved to their field and prepared for government geology exams and have successfully cracked also.

 Entrepreneurship:  Although a tough decision and challenging to enter this arena without proper money back up. But recent years has witnessed many students going to start their own startup.  With the government creating an environment for startups and also providing many relaxations in terms of taxation.


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Cheers !!!

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