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FREE GIS Course- IIT Roorkee

Introduction to Geographical Information System- IIT Roorkee NPTEL Course

Introduction :

The Course is free  course as part of the government of India initiative to provide courses to all students free of cost from reputed institutions like IITs.

The present Course is about Geographical Information System ( GIS) delivered by Dr Arun K Sharaf, Professor , IIT Roorkee. The Course is available to all on youtube also.

Discover Spatial through its platform aims to spread about awareness about GIS technology  and aims to the course to a

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Dr.Arun K . Saraf is Ph. D. (Remote Sensing) from University of Dundee, United Kingdom. Presently he is working as Professor in the Department of Earth Sciences, Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee, and teaches courses on Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Advanced GIS, Remote Sensing , Geomorphology etc. to under – and post-graduate students of Geological Technology and Applied Geology . He was also Head of Department of Earth Sciences between Jan. 2012 – Feb. 2015. He was first in the country to introduce GIS course to post-graduate students in the year 1990.In 1986, he was awarded “National Fellowship to Study Abroad” by Govt. of India for his doctoral degree. Further, in 1993 he was awarded  “Indo-US S & T Fellowship” and worked in Goddard Space Flight Centre, NASA, USA for Post Doctoral Research. He has been also awarded “National Remote Sensing Award-2001” by Indian Society of Remote Sensing and “GIS Professional of the Year Award-2001” by Map India 2002 for his outstanding research contributions in the fields of Remote Sensing and GIS. Earlier, he has also been given several Khosla Research Awards and Prizes by then University of Roorkee. So far Prof. Saraf has published more than 100 research papers in journals of repute (ISI) and supervised 11 Ph.Ds. He was also Associate Editor of International Journal of Remote Sensing during 2003-2015. Through funding from DST, Min. of Earth Sciences, CSIR,Prof. Saraf has been able to establish and operating NOAA-HRPT Satellite Earth Station at IITR since Oct. 2002, first in any educational institute in the country. This Earth Station is still operational and acquiring data from NOAA-18 & 19 day-and-night.


  What is Geographic Information Systems?
  Different components of GIS
  Different types of vector data
  Raster data models and their types
  TIN data model

  Advantages and disadvantages associated with vector, raster and TIN
  Non-spatial data (attributes) and their type
  Raster data compression techniques
  Different raster data file formats
  Spatial database systems and their types

  Pre-processing of spatial datasets
  Different map projections
  Spatial interpolation techniques
  Different types of resolutions
  Digital Elevation Model (DEM)

  Quality assessment of freely available DEMS
  GIS analysis-1
  GIS analysis-2 and applications
  Errors in GIS
  Key elements of maps


1. An Introduction to Geographical Information Systems (4th Edition) by Ian Heywood, Sarah Cornelius and Steve Carver, 2012
2. Introduction to Geographic Information Systems by Chang Kang-tsung (Karl), 2006
3. Geographic Information Systems: An Introduction by Tor Bernhardsen, 2005
4. Geographic Information Systems: A Management Perspective by S. Aronoff, 1991

Credits & Thanks to – Dr Arun K Sharaf, IIT Roorkee.
Source : https://onlinecourses.nptel.ac.in/noc18_ce10/preview



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