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Basics of Remote Sensing( Coming Soon)

Introduction :

Remote sensing is the art and science of recording, measuring, and analyzing
information about a phenomenon from a distance. Humans with the aid of their
eyes, noses, and ears are constantly seeing, smelling, and hearing things from a
distance as they move through an environment. Thus, humans are naturally
designed to be remote sensors. In order to study large areas of the Earth’s surface
geographers use devices known as remote sensors. These sensors are mounted on
platforms such as helicopters, planes, and satellites that make it possible for the
sensors to observe the Earth from above.

How Course will be delivered :

Lecture notes, assignments, and lab activities will be provided through email and exams
will be conducted online. It is the student’s responsibility to thoroughly read all lecture notes provided, textbook readings, and initiate questions if any arise.

You will also get banquet of E-Book of Remote Sensing with this course absolutly Free  !!!!

Course Evaluation:

You will be evaluated based on several components. The percentage each component
will contribute to your final grade is shown below:
Tests – 40%
Laboratory Exercises-  30%
Assignments – 30%




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