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Commonly asked GIS interview Questions

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Commonly asked GIS Interview Questions?

Most of us have a question in our mind what questions will be asked in the GIS Job interview.

Here I would discuss question mainly for the students who are in colleges learning GIs courses or Geography students with GIS as subjects or anyone who is willing to seek a career in GIS Industry.

GIS Industry has grown in India in multiple folds in the last few years.

Your Resume or CV forms the first basis of the questions to be asked in the interview apart from the technical questions. The interviewer who so ever is interested in analyzing the basic understanding of the GIS concepts and your technical hands-on experie3nce on whatever software you have worked.

So I would like to say that your Interview will be split up into mainly two parts


Technical Interview Questions

Now let’s try to understand what interview will be asked in a technical interview. Here I would to specify that technical interview also depends upon the profile which company is going to offer you for example if the employer is offering you software development kind of profile then he would be interested in asking questions related to coding, software development types of work if any you have done and details in that regard. If job profile is trainee then he can any question related to GIS which you might have studied in college.

Here is some list of basic  technical  question which is commonly asked GIS jobs interview :

  • What is Georeferencing? How will do in ArcGIS or any open source software?
  • What is Geocoding? How is it different from georeferencing?
  • What is remote sensing?
  • What are the different types of sensors?
  • What is the projection? Name different types of projection system?
  • What is the Raster and Vector Data? How are both different?
  • What is the shapefile?
  • What is the feature class? How is it different from Shapefile?
  • What is geodatabase? What is its type?
  • What is data?
  • What is resampling?
  • What is DEM? Explain?
  • Which GIS Softwares have you worked upon?
  • What is GPS? How many satellites are required for best GPS data collection?
  • Which country GPS system are we using? Is India having its own GPS system?
  • A surveyor has shared you XY coordinates with How will you plot the same on GIS software?
  • You have been given excel data. How will you import excel data into attributes?
  • What do you understand by Join? How are spatial and attribute joins different?
  • What is digitization? Explain how will you in ArcGIS Software?
  • What are the different types of errors in Digitization?

Background and CV related interview questions  

  • What is GIS and why are you looking for a career in GIS field
  • You are an electrical diploma, why are you switching to GIS field? Might your job in with electrical diploma qualification also?
  • You may be offered multiple roles in your training period are you prepared for the same?
  • How are you different from other candidates applied for this job?
  • Any GIS project you might have worked upon in college or internship?
  • How have you tried to solve any problem in your project using GIS technology?
  • How are GIS system different from other IT system?


Young students or anyone preparing for GIS interview will find this article helpful. I have tried to bring maximum points which r most frequently asked in GIS industry.

Cheers !!!

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