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Builders of Geo database – GIS Technician

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The profile GIS technician or GIS data operator or CAD Operator or Survey data operator are all different names with the same profile and work. This profile is an entry-level profile in GIS Industry

What does GIS technician do?

  • Does digitization of surveyed hard copy data in GIS software which may be open sourced or licenses software.
  • Prepare maps and customize maps.
  • Prepare drawings in AutoCAD and migrate to GIS Software.
  • Act as helpdesk to user support departments.
  • GIS technicians resolve GIS data related snags that arise and provide technical assistance to end users.
  • Performs Various Quality Analysis Checks for the perfection of data in the desired protocols.
  • Performing various queries and assisting the team in solving and providing data for the requirement.
  • Survey of the sample surveyed data for Quality Checks.

Eligibility for GIS technician:

  • Graduates with a certificate course or diploma course in GIS
  • Geoinformatics/GIS Course Graduate students
  • Diploma Holder with knowledge of GIS or GIS Certification.
  • ITI holders with GIS certification or work experience.

GIS Industry facts in India: In India, most of the GIS jobs are for digitization or we can say data creation profile. So many students after MSc. MA and also Mtech have to start their career with this profile if they have not got good placement from college.

Skills Required

  • Analytical skills– to examine information and data from maps, photographs, and censuses and suggestion conclusions to seniors.
  • Computer skills – Should be technology savvy having knowledge of basic of computers and GIS Softwares.
  • Critical thinking – to choose the appropriate data, methods, and scale of analysis for each project
  • Communication skills – to connect effectively with colleagues and understand the requirement and complete work effectively.

Career Path for GIS technician:

The figure bellows shows the career path of from entry level of GIS technicians and how they move further after gaining experience as GIS technician.

How much does GIS Technician Earn?

Typically India salary of GIS Technician ranges from 1.8 L to 2.5 L per annum or more depending upon the company, city, and other factors.

Upon gaining experience the salary increases and also with switching jobs from one organization to other.

The figure below shows 2015 data, a world map depicting how much GIS technicians make in different currencies.

Source: https://gisgeography.com/gis-technician-jobs-salary/

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