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Understanding GPS Principles and Applications by Elliott D. Kaplan Christopher J. Hegarty

Understanding GPS Principles and Applications by Elliott D. Kaplan Christopher J. Hegarty
Series: GPS
Tag: Popular Books
Publication Year: 2006
ISBN: 1580538940
About the Book

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Since the writing of the first edition of this book, usage of the Global Positioning
System (GPS) has become nearly ubiquitous. GPS provides the position, velocity,
and timing information that enables many applications we use in our daily lives.
GPS is in the midst of an evolutionary development that will provide increased accuracy
and robustness for both civil and military users. The proliferation of augmentations
and the development of other systems, including GALILEO, have also
significantly changed the landscape of satellite navigation. These significant events
have led to the writing of this second edition.
The objective of the second edition, as with the first edition, is to provide the
reader with a complete systems engineering treatment of GPS. The authors are a
multidisciplinary team of experts with practical experience in the areas that each
addressed within this text. They provide a thorough treatment of each topic. Our
intent in this new endeavor was to bring the first edition text up to date. This was
achieved through the modification of some of the existing material and through the
extensive addition of new material.
The new material includes satellite constellation design guidelines, descriptions
of the new satellites (Block IIR, Block IIR-M, Block IIF), a comprehensive treatment
of the control segment and planned upgrades, satellite signal modulation characteristics,
descriptions of the modernized GPS satellite signals (L2C, L5, and M code),
and advances in GPS receiver signal processing techniques. The treatment of interference
effects on legacy GPS signals from the first edition is greatly expanded, and a
treatment of interference effects on the modernized signals is newly added. New
material is also included to provide in-depth discussions on multipath and ionospheric
scintillation, along with the associated effects on the GPS signals

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