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Uncertainty in Remote Sensing and GIS by Giles M. Foody, Peter M. Atkinson

Uncertainty in Remote Sensing and GIS by Giles M. Foody, Peter M. Atkinson
Series: GIS
About the Book

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Remote sensing and geographical information science (GIS) have advanced considerably in recent years. However, the potential of remote sensing and GIS within the environmental sciences is limited by uncertainty, especially in connection with the data sets and methods used. In many studies, the issue of uncertainty has been incompletely addressed. The situation has arisen in part from a lack of appreciation of uncertainty and the problems it can cause as well as of the techniques that may be used to accommodate it.

This book provides general overviews on uncertainty in remote sensing and GIS that illustrate the range of uncertainties that may occur, in addition to describing the means of measuring uncertainty and the impacts of uncertainty…

Uncertainty in Remote Sensing and GIS provides readers with comprehensive coverage of this largely undocumented subject:

  • Relevant to a broad variety of disciplines including geography, environmental science, electrical engineering and statistics
  • Covers range of material from base overviews to specific applications
  • Focuses on issues connected with uncertainty at various points along typical data analysis chains used in remote sensing and GIS

Written by an international team of researchers drawn from a variety of disciplines, Uncertainty in Remote Sensing and GIS provides focussed discussions on topics of considerable importance to a broad research and user community. The book is invaluable reading for researchers, advanced students and practitioners who want to understand the nature of uncertainty in remote sensing and GIS, its limitations and methods of accommodating it.

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