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Series: ATLAS
About the Book

Airborne Visible and Infra-Red Imaging Spectrometer – Next Generation (AVIRIS-NG), of JPL
(Jet Propulsion Laboratory), NASA, has been used for the ISRO-NASA airborne campaign onboard
an ISRO B200 aircraft. There are about 430 narrow continuous spectral bands in VNIR
and SWIR regions in the range of 380-2510 nm at 5 nm interval with high SNR (>2000 @ 600
nm and >1000 @ 2200 nm) with accuracy of 95% having FOV of 34 deg and IFOV of 1 mrad.
Ground Sampling Distance (GSD) vis-à-vis pixel resolution varies from 4-8m for flight altitude
of 4-8 km for a swath of 4-6 km.


Space Applications Centre, ISRO

Ahmedabad, India

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