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Return on Investment— Ten GIS Case Studies ESRI

Return on Investment—  Ten GIS Case Studies  ESRI
Series: GIS
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Thousands of organizations in both the public and private sectors have incorporated geographic information system (GIS) technology into their daily operations. Many can’t imagine working without it, and the uses for this technology continue to evolve at a rapid rate.
Return on investment, commonly referred to as ROI, has become a recurring theme in management publications and the topic of seminars and conference presentations. Why should a government agency or business care about its ROI on GIS or any other technology?
There are many reasons for exploring ROI. These reasons relate not only to how an organization is perceived by others but what it knows about itself. This kind of self-examination encourages improvements in processes that keep businesses profitable and government organizations effective. Justifying expenditures is an accepted part of good business practice in the private sector and, increasingly, in the public sector. In an era marked by budget tightening, ROI analysis can answer the question that plagues managers everywhere, “What have you done for me lately?” ROI analysis also provides a self-check on job performance that boosts the confidence of workers as well as constituents or investors.
Workflow events, whether in business or government, generate tasks that result in products. Geography provides a context for relating workflow events, tasks, and products. As the language of geography, GIS provides a framework for organizing and maintaining data, improving workflows by streamlining tasks, and generating products more efficiently. GIS uses a knowledge-based approach that abstracts and serves geographic information, and it supplies the common link between departments in an organization or between organizations. GIS has continued to keep pace with the demands of information technology and now delivers benefits across and beyond organizations.

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