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GPS for Mariners Robert J. Sweet

GPS for Mariners    Robert J. Sweet
Series: GPS
ISBN: 0071410759
About the Book

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GPS for Mariners is not a buying guide; rather, it
is directed primarily at mariners who already own a
GPS receiver. (If you are still considering a purchase,
however, chapter 5, GPS Receiver Selection and Cost
Considerations, provides a capsule summary of what
you need to know.) Most boaters first purchase a
handheld GPS receiver, as these units are accurate
and inexpensive. Using them on a moving boat does
present challenges, but part 1 of this book provides
tips to help you overcome them. While part 1 uses a
handheld as the model for illustrations, allGPSmodels
share similar buttons, pages, functions, and features.
Mariners using fixed-mount GPS receivers will find
much of the information useful.
As their desire for more integrated GPS information
increases, many boaters acquire an electronic
chartplotter, use of which permits you to monitor
where you are on a chart at all times. As prices have
come down, chartplotters have become far more
common, especially on small boats where there is
limited space to lay out a paper chart. There are other
ways, too, to integrate the information received from
your GPS with electronic chart displays. An increasing
number of boaters accomplish this by connecting
a laptop to a GPS receiver for live navigation. Part 2
of the book addresses the many issues involved in
combining the location information provided by GPS
with electronic charts.

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