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Fundamentals of Geostatistics in Five Lessons

Fundamentals of Geostatistics in Five Lessons
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Series: Geostatistics
Publisher: American Geophysical Union, Washington, D.C
Publication Year: 2000
ISBN: 0875907083
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From its inception as a separate discipline, geostatis tics sought recognition from practitioners, not from math ematicians or physicists. and rightfully so. Indeed, the theory was essentially established by the 1950’s by Kol
mogorov and Wiener and exposed by Matern (1960), Whit tle (1963), and Matheron (1965), among others. But there is a long, hard way between a concept expressed by matrix notations in a Hilbert space and its implementation and routine application. It is my opinion that the main con tribution of geostatistics has been and still is implementa. tion, an essential follow-up step much too often forsaken
by theoreticians.
Implementation requires a prior effort of simplifica tion. A concept or algorithm will take root only if un derstood by the user, who can customize it to the ever changing needs of his various projects. Practice over time is a merciless judge that will strip all concepts of their fancy dressing, whether wording or computer coding, and let the sole essence stand for itself. Geostatisticians would
accelerate the diffusion process if they could go about ex tracting the essence of their favorite tools – a very hum
bling task – and deliver it in simple terms.
Stressing the essence of one’s finding may not make it into a publication list but would help the understanding and correct application of the corresponding algorithm. Behind most sophisticated concepts, there is a simple idea sometimes so simple that we feel like dressing it up. Practitioners face real data with their extraordinary com plexity that defies any pre-conceived model, and they are the best positioned to customize the algorithm to make it work. Thus, it is of great importance that they (the practitioners) understand what we (the academics) are proposing.
Andre G. Journel
Stanford University

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