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Electric Distribution- Arc GIS Data Model

Electric Distribution- Arc GIS Data Model
About the Book

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Electricity is an essential part of our everyday lives that we
often take for granted. We take it for granted, that is, until we
have to do without power for one reason or another. We don’t
often actually see them, but behind the scenes many people are
working to ensure that we have a clean, safe, reliable source of
power; that we don’t have unpredictable or inappropriate
current to power our infinite variety of devices; and that the
supply is there when we need it; and that it is, more or less,
reasonably priced.
ArcGIS Electric Distribution is designed for electric utilities
that manage distribution systems that deliver electric power to
our service drops. By providing a geographically oriented view
of electric distribution devices, structures, circuits and even
customer information, ArcGIS Electric Distribution helps
utility managers and administrators visualize, analyze, and
understand real-world engineering and business problems and,
more importantly, solutions. Built using object–component
technology, ArcGIS Electric Distribution provides a powerful
new platform for utility solutions. The goal of this system is to
provide operational efficiencies and business benefits that
transcend traditional GIS and mapping boundaries.

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