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Applied GIS and Spatial Analysis by John Stillwell, Graham Clarke

Applied GIS and Spatial Analysis by John Stillwell, Graham Clarke
Series: GIS
About the Book

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The popularity of geography as an academic discipline is partly explained by its relevance to the real world. Spatial analysis uses geographic information and statistical methods for the study of specific applications, ranging from business location analysis to the measurement of inner city deprivation, and when used in conjunction with GIS, visual representations and “what if” scenarios can be created. An increasing number of public and private sector organisations now regard spatial analysis as a valuable problem-solving tool.

Applied GIS and Spatial Analysis focuses on the use of quantitative methods and GIS in applied contexts, demonstrating the wide range of techniques that are used to deal with problems at different spatial…

Arranged in four main parts, Applied GIS and Spatial Analysis covers:

  • Geobusiness, which considers applications in the private sector.
  • Social Deprivation, a set of chapters commissioned by various local authorities helping to expose different aspects of social problems, especially deprivation and crime.
  • Transport and Location, relating to transport networks and location problems.
  • National Spatial Planning, which looks at large-scale national social and economic problems, largely funded by government departments.

This book is unique as it concentrates on commercially-sponsored applications of GIS and quantitative geography research methodologies that are undertaken by professional quantitative geographers. Internationally renowned editors and contributors from academic and business consultancies present spatial analysis techniques and the actual process of problem solving, to illustrate the applied nature of contemporary quantitative geography. A wealth of case studies enriches the chapters and exemplifies the practical application of GIS, statistical models, location-allocation models, and networks of flow models.

Applied Spatial Modelling and GIS is essential reading for postgraduates and researchers of Quantitative Geography, GIS, Spatial Modelling and Retail Geography. It is also highly recommended for upper-level undergraduate and MSc students taking modules in GIS and Quantitative Geography, and will be a valuable source of reference for practitioners involved in the use of GIS for private and public sector planning.

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