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A Practical Guide to Geostatistical Mapping

A Practical Guide to  Geostatistical Mapping
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Series: Geostatistics
Publisher: Office for Official Publications of the European Communities, Luxembourg
Publication Year: 2009
Format: PDF
Length: 292
ISBN: 9789090249810

About the Book

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Geostatistical mapping can be defined as analytical production of maps by using
field observations, auxiliary information and a computer program that calculates
values at locations of interest. The purpose of this guide is to assist you in producing
quality maps by using fully-operational open source software packages. It will first
introduce you to the basic principles of geostatistical mapping and regressionkriging,
as the key prediction technique, then it will guide you through software
tools – R+gstat/geoR, SAGA GIS and Google Earth – which will be used to prepare the
data, run analysis and make final layouts. Geostatistical mapping is further
illustrated using seven diverse case studies: interpolation of soil parameters, heavy
metal concentrations, global soil organic carbon, species density distribution,
distribution of landforms, density of DEM-derived streams, and spatio-temporal
interpolation of land surface temperatures. Unlike other books from the “use R”
series, or purely GIS user manuals, this book specifically aims at bridging the gaps
between statistical and geographical computing.
Materials presented in this book have been used for the five-day advanced training
course “GEOSTAT: spatio-temporal data analysis with R+SAGA+Google Earth”, that
is periodically organized by the author and collaborators.

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