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A Glimpse of India by RISAT-1 | by ISRO

A Glimpse of India by RISAT-1 | by ISRO
Series: ATLAS
About the Book

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India’s space borne Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR), Radar Imaging SATellite (RISAT-1), is a state of the art Microwave Remote Sensing Satellite operating in C-band (5.35 GHz). It was launched on 26th April 2012. RISAT-1 was designed to cater to a wide variety of applications for the benefit of the society at large and to infuse enthusiasm amongst the scientific community to take up challenging R&D activities using the whole gamut of data in various mode combinations.
The first volume titled “A Glimpse of India by RISAT-1: Part-1”, brings out the glimpses of utilisation potential of RISAT-1 with respect to various applications. It also envisages some of the new applications that can be taken up with future RISAT series. Applications are shown with respect to different themes. The broad themes of applications, where RISAT-1 play a specific role in terms of its viewing capabilities, are demonstrated in this document.
The images are taken from RISAT-1 India Mosaic, Antarctic Mosaic and from individual scenes. The modes used for this volume are CRS, MRS and FRS-1. Thus a wide variety of applications of medium and high resolution, and with various polarization combinations, have been used to show the potential of such data sets.

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